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Online CEU courses

These online workshops have been approved for Continuing Respiratory Care Education Credits with the American Association of Respiratory Care. Free with registration.

Capnography: Principles and Application With the use of capnography increasing throughout the hospital, this program is designed to increase the clinician's knowledge of the principles and clinical application capnography. Capnography provides an excellent picture of a patient's respiratory process notifying the clinician of an impending respiratory problem.
Respiratory Monitoring: Principles and Clinical Application of Volumetric Capnography This program explains the relationship between ETCO2, PaCO2, and VCO2 in respiratory monitoring and discussed the clinical application of VCO2, VD/VT, and other parameters derived from measuring CO2 elimination.
NPPV Across the Continuum of Care The use of noninvasive ventilation as an alternative to intubation and conventional ventilation has become a standard of care. Noninvasive ventilation reduces the need for endotracheal intubations, decreases complication rates, and improves patient outcomes. This continuing education program explores the current trends and the clinical criteria for noninvasive ventilation in acute and chronic respiratory failure.
Waveform Interpretation This program is designed to provide the learner with an introduction to ventilator graphics and the basic skills to recognize unusual waveform patterns. Ventilator waveforms can be used to improve patient-ventilator synchrony and optimize ventilator settings. Topics covered are normal characteristics of ventilator waveforms, abnormal waveform patterns, the clinical significance of each and the application of trending patient data.

Sleep therapy courses

Please contact your local Philips Respironics representative for more information regarding these programs.

The Mask Experience
A lecture to learn how to select the best mask to improve patient experience and adherence to the therapy.

Fundamentals of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Understand the Pathology and prevalence of OSA and learn how to recommend appropriate diagnostic and treatment options.

Advanced Algorithms for SDB
Learn about leak and triggering technology, understand the CPAP breathing algorithms and identify the breathing algorithms for periodic breathing and respiratory insufficiency.

Titration Guidelines for CPAP, Bilevel, Servo Ventilation and volume assured pressure support ventilation
List the titration goals for OSA management, understand the suggested protocols for titrations and review the titration process.

Data management of the SDB patient
Review the management and follow-up of PAP therapy through the use of management software and learn how to interpret the reports and waveforms and how this combines with a self-management system.

Home Sleep Testing
A review of the guidelines for home sleep testing and which patient is best suited for diagnosis and titration in the home.

Maximizing PAP Therapy through Advanced Techniques: servoventilationand volume assured pressure support ventilation e
This course provides information to be able to identify the proper disease state for the use of servo ventilation or volume assured pressure support.

Home respiratory care courses

The programs below have been approved for continuing education credits. Please contact your local Philips Respironics representative for more information regarding these programs.

Home Ventilation Workshop
Learn more about the operation of the Trilogy100 and Trilogy200 life support ventilators.

Mechanical insufflation-exsufflation (MI-E) technique Workshop
This workshop educates respiratory therapists on mechanical insufflation-exsufflation (MI-E). The session will cover indication, contraindications, operation procedure recommended treatment practice and review of a clinical case study.

The Continuum of Products and Solutions for the COPD Patient
In this course, participants will receive a brief review of COPD staging as we discuss solutions that can help you to manage your COPD patients throughout the disease progression.

Versatility Expanded with Mouthpiece Ventilation
This course will cover an additional way to provide non-invasive ventilation to the chronic respiratory insufficiency patient.

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